With Season 7 only a week away, you've got to be wondering what is coming...

Here are a few predictions based on what's transpired up to now:

  • No closure.

We already know this will be the final season, but something tells me we're in for some loose ends. As much as I know we all want some closure, the recent trend seems to be leaving the story open to interpretation. This is a cowardly way out, and I hope I'm wrong here - even if i don't like the "ending," I'd respect the writers of a show nailing one down & sticking to it.

  • No happy ending for the lovebirds.

It's too cliché. At this point, I'd be disappointed if everything ends in a cookie-cutter peaches & cream sit-comish bore. I want to be surprised, if not delighted, and I hate to say it but Fi and Michael are not a good fit. Well, not a healthy fit anyway...

  • Michael working for CIA.

The CIA knows what an asset Michael is - if they didn't before he got burned, surely they do now after all that's happened. They will use him, they'll need to after the loss of agents Card, Bly, and Riley. They will find a way to exploit his talents, and probably try to burn him again - which is where "the gang" comes in.

I think this is only supposed to seem like it will never happen, but in actuality I think this will need to happen in order for him to help Michael.

  • Time Gap.

I don't think we'll start back up right where season 6 left off. I think Sam will be back to 100%, and that's going to have taken some time. If this is the final season, it's going to need all its main characters fully involved, the question is - what else has gone down during this gap?

Agree? Disagree?

What do you expect to see? Hope to see? Comment below, or write a predictions blog of your own!

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