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    Season 7 predictions

    May 31, 2013 by XD1

    With Season 7 only a week away, you've got to be wondering what is coming...

    Here are a few predictions based on what's transpired up to now:

    • No closure.

    We already know this will be the final season, but something tells me we're in for some loose ends. As much as I know we all want some closure, the recent trend seems to be leaving the story open to interpretation. This is a cowardly way out, and I hope I'm wrong here - even if i don't like the "ending," I'd respect the writers of a show nailing one down & sticking to it.

    • No happy ending for the lovebirds.

    It's too cliché. At this point, I'd be disappointed if everything ends in a cookie-cutter peaches & cream sit-comish bore. I want to be surprised, if not delighted, and I hate to say it but …

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