Tyler Gray was a highly trained CIA operative and former marine sniper. He is played by Kenny Johnson.


Under orders from Tom Card, he shot and killed Anson Fullerton, killing Nate Westen in the process. He then went to Panama, mostly likely under Card's order to kill Michael Westen and his team. After attempting to flee capture from Michael, he is apprehended, and then explains to Michael that he was instructed to kill Anson by Card, who had been pulling the strings all along. Tyler is spared execution by Michael and the group flee an F-18 strike, thanks to the sacrifice of Brady Pressman.

After Michael gets back to Miami with his team including Gray, Michael and Tyler plan to take down Card however it goes wrong. As they are about to play the act, Michael spots Card's team coming into the CIA building. The CIA team was there to arrest Gray. Card's plan was to pin everything on Gray. Michael goes into the building to stop Card. As soon as he goes into the room where Card and Gray are meeting, Card gets trapped and shoots Gray.


Though Tyler is a sniper who has been clearly hardened by his experiences who takes pride in his abilities and skills, there are glimpses into his humanity as well. When Tyler and Michael work together briefly, Madeline Westen infers that Tyler must be the man who shot Nate and she asks to speak with him. Tyler agrees to speak with Madeline and is very respectful--even showing signs of remorse.