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Sonya Lebedenko (Deceased)
File:Http:// images/news hub/uploaded/RyanSandovalnews137350352751/sonyaII.jpg
Gender Female
Occupation Ex-Spy
Age Unknown
Place of Origin Unknown
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Brothers in Arms
Last Appearance Reckoning
Actor [1]
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown

Sonya Lebedenko was a high-ranking member of the organization Michael Westen makes a deal to take down in Season Seven. She is portrayed by Alona Tal .



Sonya was a double agent in the GRU who works for Kendrick's network. During her active peroid as a double agent, she sold a lot of secret information to the terrorist cells including for James Kendrick. Her informations causes many deaths in the GRU and gives Sonya an enormous reputation in the NSA. When a group of hackers learned of her existence in the GRU, they gave the information to Colonel Oksana, so she arrests Sonya and tortures her in a secret Russian black site for a long time.

Episode AppearancesEdit


The shot that lodged in Sonya's spine normally would not have been enough to kill her. A shot to the heart or head would have been more fatal

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