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Sonya Lebedenko (Deceased)
File:Http:// images/news hub/uploaded/RyanSandovalnews137350352751/sonyaII.jpg
Gender Female
Occupation Ex-Spy
Age Unknown
Place of Origin Unknown
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Brothers in Arms
Last Appearance Reckoning
Actor [1]
Status Deceased

Sonya Lebedenko was a high-ranking member of the organization Michael Westen makes a deal to take down in Season Seven. She is portrayed by Alona Tal .



Sonya was a double agent in the GRU who works for Kendrick's network. During her active peroid as a double agents, she sells a lot of secret informations to the terrorist cells including for James Kendrick. her informations causes many death in the GRU and gives to Sonya an enormous reputation in the NSA. When a group of hackers learned her existence in the GRU, they give the informations to the colonel Oksana, so she arrests Sonya and torture her for a long time.

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The shot that lodged in Sonya's spine normally would not have been enough to kill her. A shot to the heart or head would have been more fatal

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