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Randall Burke
Gender Male
Occupation Former Special Ops Soldier
Age Unknown
Place of Origin Unknown
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance New Deal
Last Appearance Brothers In Arms
Actor Adrian Pasdar
Status Deceased

Randall Burke is a new character in Season 7. He is the antagonist so far in this season. He is portrayed by Adrian Pasdar .


Early HistoryEdit

He was a former CIA agent who works with Michael around the Middle East to dismantle the terrorist network Al-Qaida. When Michael gets his burn notice, Randall betrays his own government and travels around the world to hide from the CIA. He was approached by a man who works for Kendrick for recruiting Burke. Burke accepted and he becomes the personal executor of Kendrick's network.


  • Savvy 
  • Dangerous
  • Unpredictable

Current StatusEdit

Self-destructed to allow Michael and Sonya to escape from a Russian black site in Havana, Cuba.

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