Randall Burke is a new character in Season 7. He is the antagonist so far in this season. He is portrayed by Adrian Pasdar .


Early HistoryEdit

He was a former CIA agent who works with Michael around the Middle East to dismantle the terrorist network Al-Qaeda. When Michael gets his burn notice, Randall betrays his own government and travels around the world to hide from the CIA. He was approached by a man who works for Kendrick for recruiting Burke. Burke accepted and he becomes the personal executor of Kendrick's network.


  • Savvy 
  • Dangerous
  • Unpredictable
  • Sarcastic

Current StatusEdit

When Mike made the deal with the CIA to take down a terrorist network based out of Dominican republic, he spent nine months in deep cover before Burke approached him with a job offer. It was later revealed that Burke watched Mike fight and get drunk for six months before he made his move, just to be sure that Mike was not some government implant.

After he approached Mike, he warned Mike to get sober, or the consequences would be grave, and gave Mike his first job; to bomb a security company, destroying twenty million dollars worth of "Satellite decryption equipment" in process. When the company brought new computers to replace the destroyed ones Burke ordered Mike to steal the truck carrying the equipment. After stealing the truck, he set up a meet with a known terrorist Rafael Serano, responsible for multiple bombings. At first the CIA believed that Burke ran the terrorist network, but at this point it was revealed that he was working for someone else. During the meet Burke killed serrano's two bodyguards, and kidnaped him. On the way out he destroyed all the equipment, demonstrating that he didn't care about the money.

After interrogating Serano, Burke found that a woman named Sonya was being held at one of the Russian secret facilities. This particular one was in Cuba. When Mike infiltrated the facility, and was trapped, Burke showed up as Mike's CIA contact, and blew himself up to make a door for Mike and Sonya claiming that the guys who fought beside him were his family, and there was nothing he wouldn't do to get them out.

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