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Madeline Westen
Madeline Westen
Gender Female
Occupation Retired
Age 60
Place of Origin Miami, Florida, USA
Relatives Michael Westen (son), Nate Westen (son, deceased), Ruth Westen (daughter-in-law ), Charlie Westen (grandson), Frank Westen (husband, deceased)
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Reckoning
Actor Sharon Gless
Status Deceased

"This one's for my boys!"
—Madeline right before sacrificing herself in "Reckoning".

Madeline Westen was Michael and Nate's mother. She occasionally helped Michael and his friends out whenever necessary. She was portrayed by Sharon Gless.

Early HistoryEdit

Madeline had a turbulent relationship with her family when Michael was still living with her and their father (who is now deceased). Michael used to defend Nate from their abusive father. At one Christmas dinner, Madeline threatened to throw out their dinner until the boys got along peacefully long enough to take their family photo.

Michael's return to MiamiEdit

When Michael returned to Miami, Madeline seized the opportunity to bring him back into her life. On Michael's jobs, Madeline's house was used as a safehouse to safeguard his clients from the people he's trying to stop from harming them. Madeline has asked for help from Michael to help her friends occasionally and has even assisted him from time to time. She gave Michael his father's Dodge Charger in exchange for visiting his grave.

At the beginning of the series, Madeline demanded that Michael make amends with his younger brother, Nate, since he has been in trouble when Michael left. Nate first appears in "Old Friends" to ask for Michael's help. They start to become closer as family throughout the series from that episode on.

Since Michael's return to Miami, Madeline has grown close to his friends, Sam and Fiona. Sam is occasionally asked to watch Madeline during their jobs. Fiona likes to be the go-between for Michael and Madeline, since Madeline genuinely cares about her son. She's also taken interest in one of Sam's old buddies and one of Michael's clients, Virgil

Later in the show, Madeline asks Michael to come in for counseling to sort out their family issues. Michael originally believed that his father signed a permission form to get him out of the house and have him join the army. However, Madeline revealed that she signed it with his father's handwritten signature so Michael could get a fresh start in life.

Afterwords,Madeline allowed former counter intelligence agent Jesse Porter to stay at her place (really in the garage).

In the series finale, Madeline sacrifices herself to save Jesse and Charlie, and to get revenge for her sons (supposedly) dying, as her final words are "This one's for my boys".


  • Morley's are the brand of cigarettes that Madeline smokes.
  • Madeline was the last remaining family (aside from Charlie) that was alive.

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