Jenna was a high school student and aspiring model.


Jenna attended high school until she was convinced by her boyfriend, Brandon Diggs, to run away from home to pursue her passion for modeling. Her father, Bill, desperate to find her, hired Nate Westen, who recruited his brother Michael, to find Jenna.

Having learned from Brandon that Jenna had been "recruited" by the Wilhelm Brothers, pimps masquerading as modeling agents, Michael approached Jenna at a party at the Wilhelms' compound, and learned that Jenna was about to be shipped overseas to work in the United Arab Emirates as a prostitute, but she herself was completely unaware of this, and believed she was heading off to her first big modeling job.

Eventually, Michael, Fiona Glenanne, Sam Axe and Nate kidnapped one of the Wilhelm Brothers, Oscar and traded him for Jenna. As part of the exchange, Michael also ordered Carl Wilhelm to tell her the truth about the "job" awaiting her in Dubai. Michael took her home to Bill, who hugged her gratefully, as she broke down into tears, finally realizing how close she had come to being sold into prostitution.

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