Javier was a caretaker who worked in Mr. Pyne's Miami home estate. He is notable for being Michael Westen's first ever client when he came back to Miami.


Javier is a devoted father to his son, David. He is also an honest caretaker who worked for Graham Pyne for fifteen years.


When Mr. Pyne's estate was robbed of over $22 million worth of art work, Javier found himself the prime suspect of the robbery. He took his job to Lucy Chen, who assigned his job to Michael for $4600. Michael accepted the job and began solving Javier's problem.

Michael was able to find evidence that proved not only was Javier innocent of the robbery, but he also found evidence that pointed to the original victim---Mr. Graham Pyne. It was revealed that Pyne set up Javier to take the fall so he could collect on a large insurance payout. Michael used this information to back Pyne off of Javier.

To convince Javier to take the fall, Pyne sent his Head of Security, Vincent. to Javier's place to kidnap David for leverage. After the attempted kidnapping was foiled by Michael, Michael set up the circumstances such that Pyne would be forced to not only to implicate Vincent in the robbery, but also set up severance pay, medical, and dental plans for his former caretaker, Javier, and set up a college fund for his son.

Javier thanked him for saving his life and protecting David. He paid Michael the $4600 owed to him for services rendered.

Later, despite Michael's requests not to talk about him, Javier later referred him to a friend and fellow Latino community member, Ernie Paseo, for another problem.

Current StatusEdit

Javier was last seen living in Miami.


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