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Eve was a hacker that micheal first met in season five "No Good Dead" she kidnaps micheal after finding out that he used a fake escro account

No Good DeadEdit


Barrys' brother Paul comes to micheal after finding out that the personal info of over 6,000 teachers was stolen by him. Micheal looks into it and discovers that it has been sent to a hacker named Eve. micheal than has Barry encript a file for him and hires Eve to hack it. afterwards Eve charges him $100,000 to disencrypt it he has Barry put it in an escro account which she than discovers is fake. she kidnaps micheal and he proceeds to tell a story about her boss. she believes him and when deano arrives to make the pick up she takes him hostage and leaves him in the main room of the kyak shop shes hiding out in. after that she has sam and fi load up all her stuff and fi places a bomb. When Eve tries to backstab them by pulling a gun on micheal fi detonates it. She than zip ties her and leaves her for the police.

current conditionEdit

in jail since No Good Dead

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