Fail Safe
Season 5, Episode 18
BN 518
Air date December 15, 2011
Written by Ben Watkins
Directed by Renny Harlin
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Acceptable Loss
Scorched Earth
Fail Safe is the eighteenth and finale episode of the fifth season and is the eightieth episode overall.


  • Clients: N/A
  • Bad Guys: Reed, Rebecca, Anson


In order to release Anson's hold on Fiona, Michael plans on taking him down once and for all. Meanwhile, Pearce offers Michael a special mission: leading a team of operatives to capture a spy recruiter.

Spy FactsEdit

Full RecapEdit

Michael meets with Anson, but Fiona has her sniper rifle trained right on Anson. However, Anson threatens to ruin Fi's life if they go through with their plans to get rid of him. Michael pulls Anson out of Fi's sights at the very last moment. Later, Fi is furious that Michael stopped them from getting Anson. Sam says that he's tracked down a warehouse which might contain the evidence Anson had been collecting on Fiona.

Pearce has a new mission for Michael, with the hopes of getting him back in good graces with the CIA. He gets to lead a team of three other operatives to take down a man named Reed. Meanwhile, Sam and Fi decide to break into Anson's warehouse.

Michael and his team track down their target and are about to incapacitate his car when a civilian car gets in the way. Everyone is safe, but Reed has escaped. Michael comes up with a change in plan. Jesse will pose as a possible recruit at a security conference in order to gain Reed's attention and gain his trust. The ruse works, and Reed is ready to accept Jesse into his operation. Reed plans on getting Jesse onto a plane and out of the US.

Sam and Fi use a truck to tear down an outside wall and discover one of Anson's men inside, along with a large cache of weapons. They plan on taking everything out of the building, but as they leave, the warehouse explodes and all of the evidence goes up in flames.

Michael meets up with Anson again, who still wants Michael to join his operation, along with the rest of his CIA team. He wants Michael to plant some data onto Pearce's computer which would cause her and the CIA team to get burned. Fi and Sam try to talk him out of it, but Michael doesn't want Fi to go to prison either.

Michael and his team are at the airport, awaiting the moment when Reed and Jesse board their plane. Sam calls Michael and tells him that Fi is very adamant about turning herself in. Michael leaves to head over to the loft, where he finds Fi and then chains her to a post so that she can't leave.

When Michael returns to the airport, however, he realizes that one of his fellow operatives is working for Anson. She plans on blowing up the plane, along with Reed and Jesse. She and Michael have a standoff at gunpoint, but she eventually escapes, with Michael holding the detonator for the bomb. Michael tells Jesse to bring Reed to Pearce, while he heads back to check on Fi.

But Fi is gone, with Sam handcuffed in her place. Michael hurries over to the federal building, just in time to watch helplessly as Fi turns herself in to the feds.





  • Eric Roberts as Reed Perkins
  • Dean Cain as Ryan Pewterbaugh
  • Maxwell Terlecki as Nick Carnahan
  • Tony Senzamici as Detective Tom Kendrick
  • Luke Albright as Jake


  • Sharon Gless does not appear in this episode.

Continuity ErrorsEdit

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