Dead to Rights
Season 5, Episode 12
BN 512
Air date September 8, 2011
Written by Jason Tracey
Directed by Matt Nix
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Better Halves
Damned If You Do
Dead to Rights is the twelvth episode of the fifth season and the seventy-fourth episode overall.



With all evidence pointing to him, Michael must perform a desperate act in order to clear his name as Max’s murderer. And in a bit of bad timing, Larry returns with a job for Michael and he won’t take "no" as an answer.

Spy FactsEdit

Full RecapEdit

Jesse and Sam race through Miami in Fiona's car while agents transport Michael to CIA custody. Jesse causes an accident to stop the convoy and rescue Michael.

In the ensuing confrontation, Agent Pearce agrees to let Michael meet with Tavian while wearing a wire. Michael gets Tavian to admit to Max's murder. Tavian promptly jumps off the building to his death.

Michael's mother picks him up from the CIA offices and lectures him to be more aware of who his real friends are. Back at home, he fails to notice Larry's black shoes under his gate. Larry's waiting for him and tells him he's plotting to break into the British consulate. He's holding Anson hostage in his trunk as leverage. Larry has got Anson's wife wrapped in explosives

Anson provides Larry with the consulate's passcodes. Michael slips Anson a knife to escape through the back seat. Anson soon breaks free and heads to Sam's place, to tell him what Larry and Michael are up to.

Michael helps Larry break into the consulate. Sam and Anson race over to the consulate to stop them when Fiona calls in to say they might be too late. Once Anson finds out his wife is dead, he reveals the whole plan to Fiona and Sam.

Fiona and Sam are about to make their way to the roof of the consulate only to get busted by Larry. Larry tells them off, and tell them he will kill Michael if they make any move. Inside Larry reminds Michael that he helped him cover up the Chechnya murders. Michael leaves to get a file from another room and calls Fiona. Her plan is to blow Larry up while Michael is secure in the consulate's safe. She fires at Larry who is unknowingly standing to next to a pile of explosives, and kills him.

The bombs set off another round of explosives in the lobby, killing three guards, much to Fiona's regret.

Back at the loft, Michael consoles Fiona. Fiona admits she didn't mean to kill those men. Suddenly, Anson walks in applauding the scene. Anson reveals that Larry didn't kill his wife after all. It turns out Anson masterminded the whole thing. He got Larry out of jail to lead Michael to the consulate. And now that he has a voice recording of Fiona admitting to be responsible for the deaths of three innocent men, he'll be able to control both Michael and Fiona.





  • Manny Hernandez as Eduardo


  • Larry Sizemore
  • Tavian Khorzha

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