David is a student and Javier's son.


David is a good-natured kid who looks up to macho tough guys due to his history of being bullied by kids at school. He finally had the chance to stand up and fight for himself thanks to the tutelage of Michael Westen.


David's father, Javier, was under investigation for an art theft in Mr. Pyne's estate mansion. As Michael's investigation progressed further, David became the target of a kidnapping plot to blackmail his father to take the fall for the art theft. Michael saved his life by intercepting Pyne's Head of Security, Vincent.

While David was safe in Michael's loft, Michael noticed that David had a black eye and asked about it. A boy named Jake, who is of similar age to him, bullied him and took his new shoes. Michael decided to teach him how to fight back. He was able to see the payoff of his hard work by witnessing David employ Michael's tactics to beat Jake up.

Current StatusEdit

David was last seen living and attending school in Miami.

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