Dan Siebels was Michael Westen's old government handler. He is portrayed by Dan Martin.


After Michael gets burned, he attempts to contact his handler. However, he is unable to get past the receptionist, who claimed that Dan no longer worked there.

Michael then mailed a fake pipe bomb to Siebels, who finally called him. Siebels said that Michael was probably framed and that he can't help him, but that he still has people on his side. Dan further said that he should probably not leave Miami.

Martin's character was only seen in the pilot episode. His character was referenced again in the Season 1 finale. In Loose Ends, Part 2, Michael uses a pay phone to lay a trail for Carla's then-unknown agents to follow him. To lay the trail, he calls his old handler Dan Siebels, saying that if the agents weren't listening in on his line, they don't deserve to catch him. His character like many in the series was named in-line with different individuals who worked on Burn Notice's production. It is unknown as to why his character was never used again.

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