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Charlie Westen
Charley Westen
Gender Male
Occupation None
Age 4
Place of Origin Miami, Florida, USA
Relatives Nate Westen (Father), Ruth Westen (Mother), Michael Westen (Uncle),Madeline Westen (Grandmother, deceased), Frank Westen (Grandfather, deceased)
First Appearance Mind Games
Last Appearance Reckoning
Actor {{{actor}}}
Status Alive

Charlie Westen is the son of Nate Westen and Ruth Westen. After Nate was killed and Ruth went into Rehab, Madeline Westen attempted to receive full custody over Charlie. 

Following the events of "Reckoning", Madeline gave Charlie to Jesse Porter and told them to hide in the bathroom which they did while Madeline set off a bomb that not killed herself but the agents sent to kill her.

In the aftermath, Jesse later gave Charlie to Nate's brother, burned spy Michael Westen and Michael's girlfriend, Fiona Glenanne decided to raise Charlie.

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