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Carmelo Dante
Gender Male
Occupation Heroin Dealer
Age Unrevealed
Place of Origin Unrevealed
First Appearance Loose Ends, Part 2
Last Appearance Enemy of My Enemy
Actor Todd Stashwick
Status Alive

Carmelo Dante is the second biggest heroin dealer in Miami and one of Michael Westen's unwilling assets. He is a recurring character that is portrayed by Todd Stashwick.


Carmelo Dante was a unwilling asset to Michael when he need to take down Cowan's bosses after they shot him (Cowan) and threated Michael family. It was a small role thought to end with him warning Michael that if he sees him again, he will kill Michael. He appeared again in season 5 "Enemy of my enemy" in a larger role, still Michael's unwilling asset, he is used to take down a Serbian gang (who is in possession of a Predator Drone) by pitting them against each other and placing Sam into Carmelo's hands as a plant to lead him into starting the war. They succeed in making them fight by having Sam tell Mike and Jesse what is in a captured Serbian's apartment (drugs, a scale and lots of blueberry yogurt). After leading Carmelo to Boxkey Marina they charge into a gun fight, that is ended quickly with Fiona blowing up a gas tank. Mike infiltates the marina to pull Sam out and Carmelo discovers that there were no drugs and that Michael Westen was behind all this. Angry, he reluctently lets them both go when cops are hearing coming and swears that he will kill Michael next time again. He was given immunity because of the deal he made with Michael to let Sam go. Mike and Agent Pierce explained to two of Sam's most annoying "not friends" that as long as Carmelo is free he wouldn't talk about how he unwittingly helped the CIA and cops.


His first appearance, "Loose Ends", he was relaxing in a club and drinking champange when Michael came and forced him to help by threating to blow the building. As Mike said, "muturally assured distruction, it works for nuclear weapons, it works for me." At this point he seems to be calm and collected with a normal temper even when Michael said he would take him and all his men out, he was also calm telling Michael he would kill him next time he saw him. This might of been because he was the Second biggest drug lord in Miami and had no reason to be aggressive or short tempered or else he would cause waves. He is more crazed and aggressive in season 5 "Enemy of my enemy" (Possibly because he was now the biggest drug lord after Michael took down a major herion trafficer to the orginal number 1 drug lord) his anger is shown when he personally beats on Sam and a Sierbian rather then let a lacky do it and his crazed nature appears when he took out a switchblade and went right for Sam's throat when he interriogated him rather then just tie him up and talk rationally to him.


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