Billy Taylor is a car mechanic at Taylor and Sons' Garage. He co-owns and operates the business with his brother, Jeff.


Billy and Jeff's father passed down the shop to his sons.


Billy struck a deal with Hector Rivera to keep Taylor and Sons' afloat. In exchange for money to pay for the mortgage, Billy agreed to allow Hector's gang to use their cars to transport his drugs. When a GTO loaded with $2 million of heroin was stolen by a car thief named Buckwild, Hector threatened to kill the Taylors unless he got the car back.

Nate Westen returned to Las Vegas and accepted a job for an undisclosed sum to find the GTO. Nate enlisted his brother Michael Westen's to help locate the car. While Michael, Nate, and Fiona Glenanne worked to find the GTO, Hector took Billy hostage until the car was found. The trio worked to trace the car to Hector's right-hand man, Caleb, who was punished later for stealing the car and selling off the heroin for his personal gain. Hector released Billy and reunited with Jeff.

Afterwards, Billy paid Nate for services rendered and vowed to work legitimately with his brother from this point on. The Taylors also allowed Michael to bring in his Charger for free if he needed it.

Current StatusEdit

Billy is still alive and continues to operate at Taylor and Sons' Garage.


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