Alvaro DeSantos was a mid-level distributor for the Colombian Drug Cartel based in Miami.


DeSantos had some power over Miami as a mid-level distributor with thugs employed to take out undesirables including witnesses, rival gangsters, and innocent people. He employed the services of Bruce Gellman, the cartel's lawyer, to help clear him of any crimes against him.


DeSantos beat up a pizza delivery boy for rear-ending his car, putting him on life support. Cara Stagner witnessed the crime and caught his attention. He went on a stalking mission to lure Cara out of hiding so that he could kill her, thus resulting in the case being thrown out of court.

Current StatusEdit

Alvaro DeSantos is executed for betraying his bosses

Thanks to Michael Westen's efforts, the Colombian Drug Cartel DeSantos was working for was tricked into thinking that DeSantos had allegedly cooperated with the FBI. Angered, the Drug Cartel abducted DeSantos in the middle of the night and later executed him, leaving Cara Stagner free from harm at last.


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