Akhom Thabet is a spy working for Egypt.


Akhom is a spy who mainly deals with bid rigging and bribery between developing nations.


Akhom has a past history with Michael Westen where he was saved by him during an undisclosed operation in Egypt. Michael found his name on a list of delegates present during an international summit of developing countries (which are actually meetings for spies from all over the world). He decided to cash in on Akhom's life debt by persuading him to find the Homeland Security Directive that authorized his burn notice. He crashed into a meeting to do so.

Some time later, Akhom met Michael at Frank Westen's burial site to deliver him the directive he requested. The directive was codenamed "Cold Sunshine." The two part ways mutually and peacefully with the agreement never to contact each other again.

Current StatusEdit

Akhom was last seen still working for the Egyptian Government.


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